Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wear your seat belt !

Assalamualaikum...Hello my readers ...

Its not to late to wish all muslim happy eid-ul fitr :) ok my entry this time i wanna share about reasons to wear a seat belt..I saw drivers at Malaysia dont like to wearing seat belt,including me hehe...sometimes I feel is uncomfortable wear the seat belt...ouchhh..

i dont wear seat belt :( dont try this at home hehehe..
Reasons to wear your seat belt :

  • The most important reason for wearing a seat belt during driving is that it reduces the chances of injury by 50% if one meets with an accident.
  • As wearing seat belts is a law, a person is heavily penalized if found not following it. The driver as well as the passengers in an automobile should wear a seat belt.
  • Seat belts provide maximum safety if you meet with an accident. It will prevent you from getting jerked to the sides or front if an accident occurs.
  • If the driver applies an instant brake to the vehicle, he and the passengers are thrown forward due to the law of inertia. Wearing a seat belt will prevent this to great extent.
  • Seat belts can protect a person's vital organs like head (brain) and chest (heart) from getting injured if he meets with an accident.
  • Wearing seat belts is one of the road laws to be observed. You can be fined if found to violate the law
So the conclusion, we must alert about seat belt..wear seat belt for the safety of ourself and others. Now i will wear seat belt when I drive my car :) ok chow ..